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This truly is an incredible time in history. We have technology at our fingertips and the world right in front of us.

Today’s social media has become the most successful poster board for global businesses and freelancers. I have decided to take advantage of these platforms to share my own experiences with money and debt.

My blog has become a wonderful outlet that aims to help other people like myself take better control of their money. I know that many others have similar passions! So I just want to let you know how easy it is to take your business and those passions online. 

What If I already have a site through Weebly or WordPress?

If you have something like, that’s great! However, you don’t technically own the site. Any visitors or traffic benefits those sites and not you directly. By having your website, you will benefit from all the traffic that comes to your site.

How Will You Make Money?

The truth is unless you get super lucky and thousands of people come to your site, you will not make money out the get-go. Most professional bloggers have other side hustles even after years of doing this full time. However, you can make some cash through affiliate links or advertising. The great thing about it all is the fact that you are still sharing your passion with others. The money will come, but it is going to take some hard work.

Here’s a simple step by step guide on how to create your website and save hundreds of dollars:

1.) Find a Host for Your Website

Whether it is a company, a blog, or an organization, your online business needs a platform. There is nothing wrong with using Twitter and Facebook to grow your audience, but if you want to monetize your passion, then you are going to need your website. I use Bluehost, and by the end of the setup I ended up paying less than $70 for a whole year. I know there are many other website hosts out there that you can use, but if you are brand new to the online business, I would be surprised if you can find a professional host as economical as Bluehost.

If you use this link, you will receive 50% off your purchase. Talk about savings! 


2.) Select Your Plan

You will have three different plans; basic, plus and prime. I use the basic plan given that I am new to blogging. What I do want to point out is the payment options. I went ahead and paid for the full year rather than the monthly fee. I just didn’t want to have to deal with paying three to four bucks every month. For all 12 months, I ended up paying less than $70. There are additional products that will protect your website, I did purchase the domain privacy protection, but that’s only an extra .99 cents a month!


3.) Pick a Domain

This is where your creative genius comes to play; there are so many options for you! I came up with because I thought it would be easier for someone to remember that instead of So more than likely you already have an excellent name for your site, but if not, then get clever! If you already have an existing domain and would like to transfer it to Bluehost, they also have an option for that.

bluehost domain choice

4.) Connect Your Platform

If you go with Bluehost, then this step will be even easier. My platform is WordPress, and before I started getting more serious about blogging, I already had a WordPress account. If you don’t already have one go ahead and get one, it’s free anyway!

Once you have your WordPress account, you will be able to connect it to Bluehost. All you have to do is click the install button. Bam, in just four easy steps you are now in business!

bluehost platform

Say Hello to Your New Business

Now you have joined the community of millions of other entrepreneurs and Dinero Pros like yourself! Growing your site will take some time and patience. Enjoy the ride, and you will soon find out how many others are kind enough to help you! I would love to hear about your struggles and victories. Best of luck!

Did it work/not work for you? Did you use another host? If so how do you like their services?

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