I am feeling exhausted. This whole blogging game is so fun, but pair that up with teaching, testing and being a human in general and you have yourself a mix of so many things pulling you in so many directions.

This was a though month! For once I FAILED to meet my goals. I managed to make $0 in side hustles but did manage to bring our car payment to it’s final $900 (which will be paid off so soon!).

Page views: 249 

Visitors: 115

Side Hustle Income: $0

The goal for march was 800 page views but as you can see I fell short of that (Here’s how I stack up against January and February). No worries, I am still trying to build relationships with other bloggers and that’s the fun of it all.

I also learned the difference between page views and visitors as it dawned on me that every time I visit my own page it counts as a page view, haha I’m such a noob.

I am still trying to figure out google analytics. Even though I thought I had added my website, it is still telling me that I’m missing the tracking code. So if any of you have any suggestions please comment below:)

In regards to the side hustle income, well I just lacked motivation. But I did find an awesome FREE 6-day course by Melyssa Griffin helped me learn more about blogging. Check it out hereAnd if you’re wondering how to start your own blog, well check out my free step by step guide on how to do it here!

So even though I didn’t make my goal of $100 in side hustles I did not completely waste my time either. 

Social Media

Even though I like spending time on social media, I have also learned how quickly you can get sucked in and spend valuable time. Here’s a couple resources I did find and that you can use too.

Instagram: I managed to grow my followers to 180 people, so thank you all. In addition, you can use some cool FREE apps that can help managing Instagram. Followers is an app I use to keep track of Insta friends.

There is also a sweet app that will help you develop a theme and pattern for your Instagram called UnumAdditionally, if you’re looking for an awesome blogger that has great insight on Instagram then head over to www.ijustwanttobewealthy.comThey have so much valuable info on how to grow your social media outlets. 


In the past 2 months I have grown my audience to over 900 followers. However surfing through twitter can be overwhelming, so if there is a blogger I enjoy reading from I usually subscribe to their blog in order to get an e-mail that’s not all of the sudden buried by a million other tweets. 

This goes along with building relationships with people you admire and look up to!


Followers in Facebook are a bit harder to come by but I did convince about 40 to join me there. I love the fact that those that like your Facebook page can become more committed members of your audience. So even though Facebook is a harder platform to break through, I also admire the challenge.

Finally if you are feeling friendly then go ahead and find us in all three of these social media platforms. If you’re already a friend then THANK YOU!!

Instagram: Dineropro 

Facebook: @thedineropro

Twitter: @dinero_pro

What was March for you like? What advice do you have for other bloggers and side hustlers?

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