Hello all you Dinero Pros!

I hope everyone had an amazing and productive April. I know I did! This was the month we paid off all of our debt and are finally debt free!

In addition, I have been able to grow the site (even if it’s little steps). I have yet to monetize but I know that is a long process so I am in no hurry. 

So let’s get to the numbers for this month.

Page Views: 647

Visitors: 214

That was such a great increase from the previous first two months of starting the blog. 

Social Media

Twitter: 1,010 Followers

Facebook: 43 Likes 41 Followers

Instagram: 330 Followers

Pinterest: 108 Followers

Social media is as important as it is time consuming! This month I decided to focus on Instagram a little bit more. That was reflected through the page views. A lot of the traffic came from Instagram. For that I have to thank @debtfreeinsunnyca for being kind enough to share my tips after we paid off our vehicle and became debt free (Read about it here)

With that shift in focus I have not been able to be active on Twitter. I do find it more entertaining to engage our debt free community through Instagram since it’s a bit more easy to comment on their images and visit their Sites. However, I do plan to increase engagement on Twitter.

Rad Resources

This month I was finally able to take MillennialMoneyMan’s FREE blog course. I gotta say, probably the best resource to get you started if you truly enjoy wanting to grow your website or blog. So if you find yourself confused, stuck or adventurous, head over to M$M’s site and sign up for the 7 day lesson. So easy and useful!

While using Instagram I also came across a really cool app I am using for Pinterest and Instagram. PicMonkey is one of the coolest image editing apps I have used. With it you can do all kinds of cool designs and info graphics, which I have found out do a great deal of favors for catching your audience’s eye. For this I have to thank Mystery Money Man for being kind enough to let me know he used it for some of his cool graphics! 


For the month of May I would like to reach 1,000 page views. That means I really need to hustle since I have a combined 1,570 page views from mid-January to April.

I am also gonna try to take invest some money on the blog for the fist time. By that I mean acting on one of the M$M recommendations from his blog course. Either the affiliate course from Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing or purchasing Facebook Strategies Worth Sharing. Either way I think it’s a win-win and a worthy investment. 

Hope you enjoyed this month’s report!

Have you used any of the resources mentioned? What are your thoughts on the affiliate marketing course or the Facebook Strategies Worth Sharing book? How did you do this month?


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