Hello, Dinero Pros. Here’s another thought I had the other day. What is the first thing you would do if you had the winning lotto ticket? Maybe you’re thinking about buying a new car. Maybe a bigger house. Perhaps go have a shopping spree with your personal bag carrier or something crazy like that.

I really wouldn’t know the first thing I would do if I won the lottery. I feel like I wouldn’t be able to sleep or make a move because there’s just so much that comes with handling large amounts of cash. Like, are you supposed to increase your liability insurance in case people begin to sue you because now you have money?

I think that as much as the odds are against you when it comes to winning the lottery, I also think that this rare phenomenon is not meant to be dropped on someone like that.


I am a strong believer that life throws at you things that are meant to build you up as a human being. I think that God has a special plan for us all and that our journey requires us to live to our full potential. In the same breath, I also believe that as we grow, we are granted the opportunity to be good stewards of our wealth and our relationships.

The growth that comes with those two come as a result of our ability to responsibly foster them and use them for good. Thus, if you manage your money successfully, then you are bound to reap the benefits of compound interest. Similarly, the relationships you intentionally curate will also grow to be beneficial and potentially create additional friendships and circles of trust with other people.

Therefore, when we have proven ourselves capable of being good stewards of money and relationships, we are blessed with more and better.

As Iron Sharpens Iron

One great thing about adversity is that it helps to toughen up a faint heart. This is often proved time after time when you read stories about successful people and the hard work, trials, and tribulations they had to endure. This road often teaches through failure and allows us to become aware of what we don’t want to be or where we don’t want to go.

However, when a person lacks adversity, every minimal thing can possibly break them and their spirit because they have never experienced true hardship. And I think the same applies to money. When someone has never been able to manage a small sum of money, a larger one is going to be no different. And I think a lot of this is because the problems are all the same, just with more zeros behind it. So your $100 problem is now all of the sudden a $10,000 one.

So how can we expect a child to be able to handle an adult problem if they have never endured the test of time? In the same way, how can we expect someone who can barely handle a $25,000 budget to all of the sudden deal with hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Many successful people had to endure the process, the journey is what taught them how to deal with the problems as they came. And as the process gradually grow, then so do their ability to put those fires out. 

The Numbers

One statistic places winning the jackpot at 1 in 175,223, 510 (Deposit Shocks and Credit Supply). In addition, it is no secret that a majority of lotto winners go bankrupts shortly after winning (Why Do 70% of Lottery Winners Go Bankrupt). So given that information, we can assume that money cannot and will not solve your problems. You have to solve your problems, and that can only be aided by your behavior.

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Money is simply a tool to be used, but it is not the answer to the problem. Money cannot fix someone’s addiction to alcohol or other substances, but it can certainly aid them after they realize their problem and seek help. I think most of us wouldn’t be too upset to win a couple million, however, I’m not too confident that most of us would be able to handle the drastic change because experience and financial calluses were never gained. 

According to The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy, 80% of American first generation millionaires did not inherit their money. Contrary to what most people think, they did not inherit their millions. That simple fact should help us realize that all of us can achieve the same. 

So Then…

After much thought and desire to have millions of dollars, I think I would much rather earn my keeps as opposed to “winning” them. The beauty of life is in the struggle, it is in the lessons that come with failure.

If someone offered me a million dollars would I take it? Heck yes, I would, but I’m not counting on that ever. I refuse to play the lottery because aside from the fact that the odds are always stacked against you, it is denying the hard work and intelligence that comes with making millions.

It’s like going to the Casino, you might as well count that money as a loss because the house always wins. If you truly want to become wealthy you have to be willing to do what wealthy people do, and I guarantee that over 90 percent of them did not come by their riches by playing the lottery!

So next time you buy that lotto ticket, just have some fun, or send me a check for the same amount since the odds of you winning are the same haha!

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