Happy end of May to all you Dinero Pros! If you are a teacher like myself, then congratulations on making it to summer. This time can be a great opportunity for you to find fun ways to make some extra cash and pay off those dang loans. Keep hustlin’ your way out of debt! I hope you can find some useful information on this site that will help you live a better and richer life (literally).


Last month, as one of my goals, I said I wanted to reach 1,000 views (Check out April’s report), now I realize that was and still is a bit aggressive since when I started (January) I have had a total of a bit over 2,000. So I did not meet that goal but I did surpass last month’s totals!

May views: 704 vs. April views: 648

May visitors: 432 vs. April visitors: 215

I still get excited for the days when just 12 people visit my site. The best day I had this month was May 4. The post was about how before I went off to college, the government allowed me to take on student loans but not a job due to my immigration status (Read about it here). 

Most of that traffic came from Facebook, people and friends that found the story interesting enough and shared it. That post had 281 views. Which I’m sure for most of you is not that many, but in my little site I call that massive traffic! With that data, and proven by two separate posts, I have found out that Thursdays are the most popular blog reader days. In addition to the fact that most pro bloggers tell you to post either on Monday or Thursday (or both). 

Side Hustle

I have really been slacking on this one. One of the things about becoming debt free is that it can be easy to let go of the gas pedal a bit (What’s it Like being Debt Free?). In addition to being excited about wrapping up my first year of teaching, I did manage to find additional fun and interesting side hustles.

One of those is HarrisPoll. This cool site let’s you earn point that can later be exchanged for gift cards and rewards after completing various polls on various topics. I had read about how many bloggers use these sites, but I was finally convinced after reading more about it in Money Magazine

Since starting about a week ago I already have over 400 points. Most of the prizes range from $5-$50 gift cards, but that can save you some $$$ if you can achieve enough points every month. If I end up liking it I will consider having a more thorough review on it.

Net Worth

I’m really excited to share this part with y’all. I have seen many other bloggers create a post in itself about their net worth and their goals, but I figured that since it’s my first time, and I’m too excited…why not now!

So how do you calculate your net worth? 

Most of us should have learned this back in economics class, or even math class while playing the game of life. However, throughout the years we have gotten it twisted. Some might account for their credit card balances as money, or see their cars as assets worth mentioning.

The reality is that anything that costs you money or that you do not actually own is a liability.

  • Car Loan
  • Mortgage
  • Credit card debt
  • Student loans

Meanwhile, the things that actually create value and money for you are what we call assets:

  • 401k
  • Roth/Traditional IRA
  • Pension
  • Stocks
  • Mutual/Index funds

That being said, this is how we stack up so far at the ripe age of 25. Keep in mind this is my wife and I’s combined net worth, and that we rent and do not have a mortgage. 

Debt: $0 BABY!!


Teacher Retirement Account:  $2,425.87

Savings: $2,900.07

Cash: $4,441.06

Stocks: $100.37

Once you tally that up, it all amounts to $18,467.37!! Huge difference from where we were more than two years ago, which was in the negative…like really, really negative. 

In addition, I use an awesome app called Personal Capital. Aside from being a great budgeting tool, it also helps us keep track of our net worth.


I realize that some of you might see this as us bragging about how much we have, or laughing at how little you think we have. However, this post is intended to encourage you to take a look at your finances! We are so quick to display the fancy new car or the brand new home you just purchased, but we need to re-evaluate how much there really is in your pocket.

Some of you might be quick to judge, or think I’m somehow being flashy. My belief however is that this shows even growing up with little to nothing to my name, financial success is possible. And importantly, that you do not have to be making $100,000 a year. Although that would certainly help – ha!

What is your net worth?

What other side hustles do you know about?

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