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I finally made some money from my blog!!! It’s only $25 so nothing too crazy, but it is exciting none the less. The $25 comes from Grammarly. I have been using this app for the last month and I can already tell how it has improved my writing tremendously. It’s free, so if you do a lot of emailing and typing, then you must have this sweet app.

I also joined FlexOffers for the first time and found products that I use and think would benefit my readers. This is a great way to help you and generate some income for the blog. 

The Numbers

July was awesome! This is the first time I was able to devote some time on the blog and redesign a little bit if you haven’t noticed. I was also able to read a lot of other blogs and make some connections with fellow Dinero enthusiasts. 

Visitors: 538–125 for June

Views: 1,027– 244 for June 

My goal for this month was 1,000 or more views and I finally accomplished it! The amount of traffic is largely credited to @debtfreeinsunnyca and our interview on how she paid off $80,000 in debt. That was by far the most popular post I’ve written so far. Therefore, I’m going to try and find more people willing to share their debt free journey. 

Social Media

This is so much fun. More fun than managing your personal social media sites. Having a blog and interacting with other bloggers helps me learn more about this fun hobby and to get to know other people’s stories and journeys.

Twitter: 1,242– 8% increase from last month’s 1,142

Instagram: 456 Followers– 19% increase from 381

Facebook: 54 Likes & 51 Follows– 12-13% Increase from 48 Likes & 45 Follows

Pinterest: 121 Followers– 6% increase from 114

As you can see, I’ve yet to crack Facebook and Pinterest. I did read Strategies Worth Sharing and the info in here is worth more than what you pay for the e-book! I don’t expect to see my Facebook page boom overnight, but it’s nice to know how everything works and how you can make sure your content improves. My next goal is to learn more about Pinterest and start making headway there!

Net Worth

After using some of our emergency fund for legal expenses, our net worth took a light hit. But we are now on our way to building it back up. We managed to increase our Net worth to a little over 5%.

Net Worth: $17,414– Last month $16,542.28

With Personal Capital we establish a good budget and now track our net worth. If you want to track yours, sign up now. It’s totally free!


Blog: I’m going to challenge myself and shoot for 2,000 views in August. 

Blog: My mailing list only grew to 84 from 83 subscribers the previous month. I’m going to see that as a positive, however. I was able to distinguish actual, active subscribers from the spammers and those emails that bounce because they’re not real or otherwise.  The goal is still to reach 100!

Money: Our emergency fund is back to $4,000 so we would like to see it at a nice even $5,000 by the beginning of next month. 

How did you do in July?

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