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Hola Dinero Pros. Welcome to the monthly blog and income report. If you want to share your accomplishments, debt pay off stories, side hustle success stories or otherwise, I would love to read them. Leave a link or comment on the comment section towards the bottom or shoot me an email!

August was a good month for the blog. After 7 months of blogging, I finally made some money, an amount worth mentioning. I really never thought I would make a single cent. Check out these 5 totally legit ways to make some additional cash. During August I made $81.25 with these!

Bluehost: $65

Buyback World: $6.25

Upwork: $10

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to not compare your journey with someone else’s. Appreciate other's journey and celebrate with them, but know that you are on a different path. Click To Tweet I started this blog as a hobby and without a clear purpose other than to help others manage their money.

In the process, I have met so many awesome people and doors that I didn’t know existed have opened. One of those opportunities presented itself through FinCon. FinCon is an annual conference for professional finance bloggers all around the U.S. and the world. I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship worth close to $500. Thank you, PT and anyone involved with the FinCon scholarship program. Because of them, I will be able to meet some world class personal finance bloggers and the majority of the PF community!

If you are beginner blogger, make sure to apply for the scholarship next year! Here’s a list of all the other awesome bloggers and winners!

The Numbers

I did not meet my goal to reach 1,000 blog views like I did in July. But that doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying. The average of site visitors is growing, however. I am glad to be out of the lower 100s. A lot of that success is due to email campaigns, connecting with people in social media, and taking time to read and learn from other people’s content. 

Visitors: 321| 40% ↓

Views: 644 | 37% ↓


Social Media


Twitter: 1,288 | 3.5% ↑

Instagram: 554 Followers | 17% ↑

Facebook: 61 Likes & 59 Follows | 11-13% ↑

Pinterest: 148 Followers | 18%  ↑

I have seen an increase on Facebook. If you want some valuable info, check out Strategies Worth Sharing. The most traffic to my site is from Facebook and Instagram. I think a lot of this is due to the info found in Strategies worth Sharing, the site experienced a 61% increase after I implemented these strategies. I have also seen a hike from Pinterest. Stay tuned for the full report next month.  

Net Worth

Due to the end of summer, our expenses have slowed down. Thanks to the past rally in the stock market, our 401(k) investments experienced a nice increase. If you need a place to start with your 401(k) check out this super easy guide! The same cannot be said about my individual stocks. I started this small experiment back in February and I haven’t invested more than $100 in individual stocks. 

I will make it a goal to resume the experiment and write a detailed post about it.

Net Worth: $21,511.17 | 19% ↑

401(k): $9,861.70 | 4% ↑

Other Retirement: $3,368.69 | 19% ↑

Individual Stocks: $96.26 | 7.34% ↓ 

Do you want to start tracking your net worth? Use Personal Capital and sign up now. It’s totally free! 


Blog: I will keep the same goal as last’s month. I will seek to bring 2,000 viewers to the blog. Thanks for being part of that goal already! I had some issues with my email provider so I made a pleasant switch to ConvertKit. I had to be more careful about vetting subscribers, therefore my mailing list went down to 29 subscribers. The goal now is to reach 50. 

Money: We are $1,000 away from a fully funded 3-month emergency fund, so the goal it to finish it off next month. There is a car purchase in the future, but if you’ve been reading my blog, you know it won’t exceed the $10,000 price tag:). 

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