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Hello, Dinero Pros. This monthly blog and income report comes a week late. This work season has been busy.

September was a slow month for the blog. I have not been paying as much attention to the blog as I would like to. I did manage to make some extra cash.

Buyback World: $10.00

Every little helps. If you’re looking for ways to make extra cash ask around, your employer could be looking for people to do extra work for extra pay. I am lucky enough that my school allows me to coach football for extra pay.

Surely your employer has ways for you to work overtime or on additional projects. a little over $1,000 of my paycheck comes from coaching, which is a fun way to make extra cash. 

The Numbers

Visitors: 206| 35% ↓

Views: 402 | 37% ↓


Social Media


Twitter: 1,303 | 1.1% ↑

Instagram: 551 Followers | .05% ↓

Facebook: 61 Likes & 59 Follows | 0%

Pinterest: 158 Followers | 6% ↑

Even though this month has been slow, it is amazing how much of the traffic is coming from Pinterest. Most days, even if there is little traffic, it’s all coming from Pinterest as opposed to the other social media sights.  

Net Worth

Our 401(k) investments are increasing at a steady 19% in the last two months. If you need a place to start with your 401(k) check out this super easy guide! I also decided to up the individual stock investment in order to fully experience the advice from Joel Greenblatt and his book The Little Book That Still Beats The Market. 

I have mentioned this book multiple times, but it really is such a useful read for anyone wanting to learn more about investing and the stock market. 

Net Worth: $26,805 | 19% ↑ …here’s the breakdown:

401(k): $10,679.56 | 7.65% ↑

Other Retirement: $3,716.41 | 9.35% ↑

Individual Stocks: $302.28 | 68.15% ↑ 

Do you want to start tracking your net worth? Use Personal Capital and sign up now. It’s totally free! 

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