For those of you that don’t know, FinCon is an event where personal finance nerds, bloggers, companies, and enthusiasts gather every year. This year it was in Dallas, TX and next year it will be in Orlando, FL. The event serves as a nationwide meeting (There’s even some awesome people form other countries!) to showcase, socialize and meet people and companies in the financial media community.

The goal is to “connect, learn to create compelling online content, and discover new trends in money and personal finance. It is also a perfect event to meet some of the coolest people on earth! I have followed some of these personal finance bloggers for nearly a year, and if you know anything about PF bloggers is that they get personal on the internet.

So meeting them is like meeting a friend, since they share most of their life, accomplishments and struggles in their sites. It’s also an awesome opportunity to get to know how companies are using technology to help people control their finances.

I was able to talk to multiple companies about their service and helping people save for retirement, budgeting, investing and even automate funding for college.  But my favorite part was the community itself. So if you want to attend FinCon next year, and are new to blogging than consider these 5 things. 



1.) Attend the new attendee orientation

You might think that you absolutely know what to do at conferences, and even though you might, this orientation will set you up for success. Unlike many conferences however, FinCon is pleasantly different.

Some people are at different stages in their life. When you find a place in this world with people like you, you will have the most exhilarating experience, like a natural high. This is what I experienced at #FinCon17, as soon as I started talking to people I realized that these are my kinda people.

You must make it your goal to find your tribe, your peeps, those that are currently walking a similar journey or are a couple steps ahead of you. If you want to know how they made it, it’s very simple, just ask and get to know them. Which leads me to my second point.

2.) Socialize and make friends

Even though you might attend a professional development, conference, or meeting, you have to also understand that most people are not in business mode 24/7. They have a human side, otherwise they would just be robots.

Make it your mission to socialize and make friends in the process. This is where true collaboration happens, when someone becomes your friend there is a mutual agreement to make each other succeed. You no longer look out for yourself, rather you want to bring your friends in to your journey and meet each other at the top.

This is so important! I made so many great connections, and that would have never happened had I been scared to get social. Go to the parties and meet people at their friendliest stage. I know it comes natural to some people, but the goal is to be a friend and meet new ones. 

3.) Check your journey

It’s so easy to begin comparing yourself to other amazing bloggers, or even the ones that are a couple steps ahead of you. But you must remember that your journey is unique and that your timing is so different than everyone else.

At the same time, there are many that are walking the same road, or is similar to yours. Become friends with them and talk about how you can help each other, or about the same struggles.

Learn how to be appreciative of those that are steps ahead of you. I can’t even count the amount of bloggers I met who I constantly look up to and feel challenged by. Go up to them and let them know how much you appreciate their wisdom, it lets them know you read their work and it’s a great way to introduce yourself to them.

4.) Relax and let it happen

There is always something to do at #FinCon17. There is a session that will help you with nearly any issue you come across as a blogger. That’s great, however, you are also there to network. So make sure you don’t rush through conversations simply because you want to go to the next session.

Invite the person you’re speaking to and go to the same session, or let them know you want to follow up and schedule to meet back up for lunch or dinner. You’re there to learn as much as possible, but you also want to enjoy the conference and the time  you have there. 

5.) The needle is still in the hay stack

Some tv show did an experiment once where a group of people try to find an actual needle in an actual haystack. The person who found it was the last person plopped down by the hay. Yea, pretty much, if you’re patient enough and keep at it long enough, you will accomplish your goals.

I can’t back this up with any numbers, but just from talking to bloggers that have been around for more than a year, they all said that once you pass the 6-10 month threshold, you might start seeing some results. So as weird as it might be, just keep shuffling hay around 🙂

Don’t try to do too much in the little time you have. You can’t and it won’t be enjoyable. You will end up with so many resources and places to ask if you are confused, so give yourself some resting time to process everything. I hope to see you in Orlando next year!

Do you plan on attending FinCon next year?

What do you do to meet people that share your interests?

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