5 Lessons on How We Paid 15K in Student Loans in Less Than 17 Months

Let me begin by stating that there is absolutely no program, hotline, or system that will get rid of your student loan as much as you want it to disappear. In addition, your loan might be non-dischargeable so not even declaring...
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3 Things Investing Is and Isn’t

A couple of different images pop into my head when I hear the word investing. One is of Charlie Sheen and his yuppie self in the 1987 film Wall Street. The other one is of the Mad Money guy Jim...
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How Not To Be The Next Blogger Paying Off Student Loans

I want to recognize the amazing accomplishment of those that have paid off large amounts of debt. Given the fact that I paid off $15,000 in student loans (Read my story), when I say large I am referring to anything...
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Reasons Why We Didn’t Hire a Financial Adviser

Ok — here’s another rookie trying to tell you how to handle your money. The great thing about blogging is that the stuff you read here can either be ignored or taken into practice. All I want to do here...
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  • BlogMonth1

Blog/Side Hustle Report (Month 1)

It has been a wonderful time thus far! There were so many things that inspired me to start thedineropro.com. Aside from sharing our journey, I also want to connect with others that have conquered debt or are in the process of...
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  • Stressed Out

Expenses that Pi$$ Me Off (and how you can ease the pain in spending)

As psyched as we are to pay off our debt, It hurts every time I see money leave my pocket. Especially when I spend time using an investment calculator, fantasizing about retiring with a million dollar net worth. I hate...
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  • Computer

4 Easy Steps to Start Your Online Business

This truly is a wonderful time in history. We have technology at our fingertips and the world right in front of us. Today’s social media has become the most successful poster board for worldwide businesses and free-lancers. I have decided...
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  • American Flag

What is the American Dream?: An Immigrant’s Perspective On Money & America

This is not another set of political opinions regarding one of the hottest topics of today, rather this is an analysis on how many immigrants like myself and others see the American Dream. A dream that was originally articulated by...
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How We Saved $7,000 In 4 Months

After we paid off my student loan this past September (read here about how we did it) we got so pumped that we were jumping up and down with joy. Fortunately the intensity we felt about getting out of debt...
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5 Behaviors That Millennials Struggle With

Let me just say that I have yet to master any of these behaviors, especially number one. However, I want to address the fact that some millennials have caught on to the idea that planning is for chumps and that going with...
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4 Ways Talking About Money Will Improve Your Marriage

Marriage is the best and most difficult team activity. Taylor and I will celebrate our second anniversary this Tuesday (02/07). Although I’m young, if there is one thing I know when it comes to marriage, it’s that money plays a...
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